Self compassion during mental illness

Let’s face it. Mental illness sucks. Later, it gives one a new perspective on life, shapes one into humility and can really help develop our empathy for other people during suffering.

But while it’s going on? You are unlikely to have the pre-shitty-feelings confidence and self esteem.

So how does one interrupt some of the self-whipping and feeling like a loser? Self compassion 🙂

Self compassion or being a little bit kind to ourselves is like wrapping ourselves in a metaphorical blanket. It’s hard to do. And just reading about it, or listening to a Ted talk, might be all we can do. That’s good enough.

We may feel worse when the weather is sunny and we think the world is smiling on the beach. The weather inside ourselves feels grey and unforgiving.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 13.51.32

So what is self-compassion? And how do you do it if life really isn’t mirroring you as a successful, awesome achiever? You might have become chubby, unemployed and too broke to leave the house even if the existential depro cloud wasn’t there…

This little video explains it all 🙂 After that, I’ll show you how I do it, even on the worst days.

I’ve learnt that being kind to myself is often just thinking up a list of all the things I’ve achieved and saying a whispered ‘well done’ to me. Like this:


  1. I am writing a list of things I’ve done well 🙂
  2. I made it to work and functioned
  3. I had a shower
  4. I am not out taking drugs
  5. I’ve never taken drugs
  6. I have survived lots of stress
  7. Anyone would feel like I do if they had been through so much
  8. I messaged some friends
  9. I am writing a blog entry 🙂

It’s not so hard to do this and if it is, it gets easier with time as habit changes the brain a little.

Give it a go, and not if you feel strong enough to do it, but if you don’t!


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